Geosystems S.A. is an Argentinean company founded in 1991. It is a company with a considerable path in development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems. It had achieved great experience in systems integration and management of great complexity projects.
Up to date, Geosystems has fulfilled more than 80 projects related to development and implement of systems, not only for private sector but also for public one. For public sector, most of the projects took place within the scope of a program called “Programa de Saneamiento Financiero y Desarrollo Económico de las Provincias Argentinas.” (‘Program of Financial restructuring and economic development of Argentinean provinces’).The above mentioned program, was funded by the World Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and by Inter American Development Bank (IDB).
We have more than 50 professionals that cover different areas of expertise. These areas are necessary to accomplish the different types of projects we carry out.
Our biggest strength is the professional training of our human resources. Such training helps us to achieve growth and development of our company and products. Our professionals are constantly specializing and training to improve our offer in a more and more dynamic and challenging market. Our professional team stands out against others for its strength and quality techniques.


Our solutions had been developed within the guidelines of the most important rules of this sector. Our main rule is ensure the quality of our products in all our procedures. We understand that this way we protect our clients and their processes and we help to their market competitiveness.

Technological district

Located in the center of Buenos Aires City technological district., in our 1.000 m² own offices.

Software Law

Registered in Software industry promotion Law since 2013.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Commercialization, geographic information system softwares development and implementation.

Executive Staff

Manuel F. Caunedo


Mechanical Engineer graduated from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (National Technological University). He graduated with a master’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Belgrano (Belgrano University) Business School.
He joined Geosystems in 1991, when it was founded. He had already had eight-years experience in CAD, GIS and computer systems integration areas at SADE company. He has held different technical and commercial positions in Geosystems since then.

Julio Bril

GIS Business Unit Manager

Electronic Engineer from Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires National University) with eighteen years’ experience in Computer technology at Acindar SA and ten years’ experience as Projects Executive Leader at TPS SA and six years’ experience as Commercial Director at 4Datalink Latin America. He joined Geosystems in 2009 to lead the Geographic Information Systems area of our company.

Ramón Gillone

Project manager

Cartography, geodesy and data capture specialist. In 2004, when he joined Geosystems to become Cartography business unit manager, he had already had more than twenty years of experience in his professional field. During that period, he has managed many projects, such as land registry inspections in Salta and Tucuman, Cartography project for ‘Telecom’ and ‘Telmez’ and Local Territorial information system of Avellaneda municipality.

Hector Seoane

Project Manager

He has been working in Geosystems since 1992.  Since 1998, he has managed implementation and development of GIS Projects. In 2003, he took up integral management of these projects. He has experience in projects of great complexity such as: the implementation of Territorial and Registry Information systems of Cordoba and Geographic information system of TNA, GIS Strategic Plan Design of ‘AYSA’ (Argentinean water-treatment plant) and Fiber management System for ‘COMSAT’.

David Pendenza

Engineering Manager

Information systems engineer graduated from ‘Universidad Tecnológica Nacional’ (National Technological University). He has twelve-years’ experience in different areas related to software engineering, distributed systems, internetworking and a large scale software development and analysis methodologies. Since january 2004, he has held the position of Software engineering manager in ‘Geosystems SA’. He is in charge of a technical team specialized in geographic systems. A team composed of applications developers, testers and DBAs.

Edgardo Perillo

Project Chief

Systems Analyst graduated from Universidad J.F. Kennedy (J.F. Kennedy University). He has twenty-six years’ experience in computer technology areas of different companies (‘Sistemas Ticket S.A.’, ‘Reid Systems S.A.’, ‘Synthesis S.A.’). He carried out the analysis, design and management of projects and the coordination of software quality. In 2010, he joined Geosystems to work as a Functional Analyst. Since 2014, he has acted as Project Leader in the Geographic Information Systems area of the company.

Agustin David

Project Chief

Bachelor of information systems, graduated from ‘Universidad CAECE de la República Argentina’ (Argentinean CAECE University). He has three years’ experience in systems development areas working in ‘Accenture’ for ‘Telefonica Argentina SA’. In 2006, he joined ‘Geosystems’ to work as a functional analyst for several projects of Geographic Information systems development. Nowadays, he acts as Projects leader and Geographic Information systems specialist. He is actively involved in GIS projects for both public and private sectors.

Mariano Biondi

Project Chief

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, graduated from ‘Universidad de Palermo’ (Palermo University). He has nineteen years’ experience in computer technology areas of different companies (‘Compusistem S.A.’, ‘Nevum Solutions Corp.’, ‘YPF ‘ through ‘M3 Millenium3 S.A.’). Where he carried out analysis, design and management of projects and development of products. In 2010, he joined ‘Geosystems’ to work as a Functional Analyst. Since 2013, he has been working as Product Manager in the Vehicular Localization Systems area.

Andrea Rizzati

Administration Manager

Certified Public Accountant graduated from ‘Universidad de Buenos Aires’ (Buenos Aires University). She had worked on technology companies since the beginning of her career. For 5 years, she had worked as Tax Department Manager in ‘Instituto Foto Topográfico Argentino SA’  (Argentinean Photo Topographic Institute Inc.). Since 1998, she has acted as Geosystems Administrative Manager.