We have been developing and implementing Geographical Information Systems since 1991.

We crafted our history with the ability of our professional staff and the reliance of our clients.


Manuel Caunedo

General Manager

Héctor Seoane

Project Manager

David Pendenza

Engineering Manager

Anabel Berenstein

Development Leader

Agustín David

Project Leader


Diego Cid

GIS System Specialist

Andrea Rizzati

Administration Manager

Pablo Martire

Budget Control


Some milestones in the history of our company


Beginning of Geosystems

The company grew out of an initiative from a team of professionals working at SADE C&C, who decided to form Geosystems to integrate highly complex computing projects.


Land Registry Surveys - Buenos Aires and Aguas Argentinas

We participated in two of the most important land registry projects in Argentina: the Land Registry Survey of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and that of the company Aguas Argentinas.


Data warehousing - Telecom y Miniphone

We entered into an alliance with SHL Systemhouse, Inc., to work on data warehousing, an area in which we later implemented projects for Telecom Argentina and Miniphone.


Topography and Photogrammetry

The company created a topography and photogrammetry department to establish field mapping and survey preparation services, which we continue to provide at present.


Implementation of Remote Sensors and Fleets - GeoAVL

We began developing and commercialising management systems and services for remote sensors and fleets. We also created the first version of our GeoAVL system.


Land and Registry Information Systems - Córdoba

By means of two international tenders, we developed and implemented the Land Information System of the General Directorate of Land Registration and the Registry Information from the General Registry of Ownership in the Province of Córdoba.


Sisgraph / Hexagon Agency

We undertook the representation of the company Sisgraph –now Hexagon– in Argentina, and we began commercialising their products.


Fleet Monitoring - LoJack

We began the provision of a fleet monitoring system for the company LoJack Argentina.


Tax Collection - Avellaneda

We partnered with the Municipality of Avellaneda and formed FiscalGIS S.A.P.E.M., to provide services related to the tax collection offered to several municipalities until 2018.


Traffic Management - FerroExpreso Pampeano

The company developed and implemented the Rail Traffic Management System for the company FerroExpreso Pampeano.


ISO Certifications

The company received ISO 9001:2008 and ISO IEC 90003:2004 Quality certifications. Subsequently, it achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is maintained until the present time.


Land Information System - Chubut

We were awarded the development and implementation project of the Land Information System for the Registry Office of the Province of Chubut, which was enforced through the programme of the IBRD Loan No. 7352-AR.


Technology District

We settled in the Technology District of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Our registered offices have more than 1,000 square meters of office space.


Geographical Information System - AySA

We developed and implemented the new Geographical Information System of AySA for the Technical and Commercial Departments, within the framework of the IDB programme 2613/OC - SP No. 15945/2011.


SIG Mobile - GeoMapps

We developed and initiated the commercialisation of our GeoMapps product, a SIG Mobile.


Land Information System - Corrientes

We were awarded the international tender for the development and implementation of the Land Information System of the Registry Office of the Province of Corrientes, in programme PFGP-63-SBCC-CF-3 - IDB Loan 3835/OC-AR.

Quality Standards, Certifications and Policy

Our solutions abide by our quality assurance policies and the most important industry standards. The quality guarantee of our products serves to protect our clients and their processes, and contributes to their market competitiveness.

In order to achieve this, we foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, rooted on the principles of integrity, commitment, reliability, respect, leadership and the furtherance of the human resource.


We are certified pursuant to ISO 9001:2015 for the commercialisation, development and implementation of software related to Geographical Information Systems.

ley de soft

We have been registered with the Software Industry Promotion Act of the Argentine Republic since 2013.

Our Partners

We develop and implement our products and projects with the help of strategic partners who are leaders in their respective solutions. Alongside them, we meet market demands through a synergistic and safe approach.

Microsoft Solutions Provider – Partner Network

VAR (Autodesk’s authorised channel as a Value-Added Reseller)

Oracle Partner Network

Solutions Provider for Hexagon Geospatial and Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure

Join Geosystems Team

We offer you the opportunity of joining a multidisciplinary, dynamic and proactive team.

In Geosystems you will have access to a career plan and official training, both in technology and in various aspects of our line of business (digital mapping, GIS, IoT, and so on).

Send your curriculum to:  cv@geosystems.com.ar 

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